Florida Natural Gas Association 

The Florida Natural Gas Association (FNGA) was established on December 9, 1961 by a reorganization of the Florida-Georgia Gas Association in order to promote, protect and encourage the growth of the natural gas industry in the State of Florida. The association has been working to protect the interests of the natural gas industry, its members and consumers. The FNGA is your voice, offering services and benefits you could never enjoy as an individual. The FNGA means you speak with a strong, united voice of Florida’s entire natural gas industry.

FNGA Mission Statement: The Florida Natural Gas Association advances its membership through proactively promoting the safety, resiliency, and value of natural gas through advocacy, communication, and education.

FNGA Vision: Fueling Florida’s prosperity with resilient energy solutions.

The Priority Issue Areas of the FNGA Are:

  1. Advocacy- Strengthen FNGA Advocacy
  2. Communication- Enhance FNGA Communications
  3. Education- Coordinate Opportunities for Quality Education 

For more information, please contact:

Florida Natural Gas Association
P.O. Box 11026
Tallahassee, FL 32302
Telephone 850-681-0496
Fax 850-222-7892


FNGA Membership:

Through the Florida Natural Gas Association officers, directors, committees and staff,  the FNGA works daily for the entire natural gas industry all across Florida.  This past year the FNGA had many accomplishments and continues to work as a strong unified statewide association. The FNGA is your voice, offering services and benefits to all of its members. Through the FNGA you speak with a strong, united voice of Florida’s natural gas industry. 

Without membership support and involvement through distributors, marketers, pipelines, and affiliates the FNGA can’t accomplish our goals and continued success. Thank you for your support and we look forward to achieving even greater success at the local, state and national levels with your continued membership and involvement.

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FNGA Working for You: 

As association services continue to grow, members can receive on-going professional training and education. Through meetings, conventions and seminars members benefit from receiving the latest information. These programs also provide an opportunity for fellowship and exchange of ideas. The FNGA also sponsors advertising and public relations programs that promote the sale and use of natural gas appliances, and build good will toward the natural gas industry.

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